International storage with Pickfords

Moving all your worldly belongings overseas may mean you need the flexibility of international storage either in Canada or at your destination.

If you need to limit your shipment, are renting a home or staying in a hotel before finding a permanent home, international storage is the perfect solution to keep your goods safe before you settle down.

Storing in Canada

If you are renting out your Canadian property while overseas, you can store your goods at a local storage center, securely wrapped and packed and safely stored until you return home.

Export packing and storage in Canada

If you need to store your belongings prior to export, Pickfords will export wrap and pack your goods until you are ready to bring forward your assignment.

Storage at destination

If you need quick access to your consignment from storage while overseas, Pickfords provides international storage within our network, meaning you can store your goods at your destination country for access whenever you need it.

To discuss international storage options with an experienced overseas move manager, contact Pickfords on 1-855-523-3716.

Documentation and resources
In need of customs advice?

Our partner's customs library provides all the information you need for an international move.

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