Local and long distance moving

Moving within your province? Whether moving locally or long distance, or in need of some pre- or post-move extras, Pickfords has the service to suit you:

Local moving

If you’re moving close to home but still need a helping hand, Pickfords’ local moving service gives you the flexibility to choose from a menu of services to suit you.

Long distance moving

Pickfords’ long distance move service is ideal for customers moving long distance within their province. Covering every detail of your relocation, Pickfords delivers a seamless interstate move, complication free.

Premium move management

Take advantage of a wide range of additional services with Pickfords Gold. From a complete concierge service to home cleaning and arranging parking permits, Pickfords Gold delivers more than a move to save you time on the day.

Wherever you’re moving, contact Pickfords for an expert moving service.

Looking for more than a move?

Pickfords Gold is a complete relocation and concierge service, designed for complex moves and high specification homes.

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